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This Vegan Eats | Mod Pizza

I know what you're thinking, ''broccoli on a pizza?! are you out of your mind?!'' but don't knock it until you've tried it, it's the new pineapple!
Today I'm reviewing the amazing food over at Mod Pizza, I'm a huge fan of this place and have been there numerous times now, it's basically a create your own pizza restaurant where you can choose to have dairy-free cheese on your pizza (all the bases are vegan) and then choose from a plethora of amazing veggies ranging from my beloved pineapple to chickpeas to asparagus!
Their staff are really knowledgeable on veganism too, one server once even insisted she give me the cinnamon strips for free because I had no idea they were vegan and said I was desperate to try them once she told me.
Their dairy-free cheese is one of the best I've ever tried, so creamy and doesn't have that sticky texture that some do (Violife, I'm looking at you). The base is just the right amount of crispy and ch…

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